A new player has entered the game

I’ve written earlier that my choice of OS is the one I dislike the least of the three major ones. However, I’ve recently discovered a new player in the game.

Elementary OS is not a new OS. To me, it looks like a Linux flavor, based on Debian GNU/Linux. What makes it different from other distributions, is their approach to keeping stuff simple. What I dislike most about the major Linux distributions, is their flat leadership style which leads to every feature in the world beeing implemented (Emacs). Secondly, I really miss a user friendly interface.

Elementary OS, is currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign. This is the first Linux distro I consider donating to.

One thought on “A new player has entered the game

  1. I have heard good things about Elementary OS lately, and it seems like their desktop environment has matured quite nicely since I tried it a few years ago. Its strength is, as you point out, the simplicity and the fact that it resembles macOS to some degree.

    There has been a lot of murmuring among developers and professionals lately–at least if the discussions on Hacker News is any indication–and many who switched to Apple a while back is now looking to get away from the platform.

    I went against the grain and made the switch the other way in 2012 (mostly because my old MacBook Pro started to break apart), and gave Arch Linux with Gnome 3 a try. I really liked the experience, and was positively surprised by the user experience and the philosophy of Arch. Last summer I bought a used Lenovo x220 (best machine I have ever had!) and tried to simplify further by not using a desktop environment at all, only a window manager (i3). Great fun! Still using it both for work and leisure.

    Switching to Arch has really accelerated my Linux skills, and helped me get a better understanding for the underlying components and how they work together, which has been valuable in my work as a web developer.

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