This feels so familiar

This XKCD comic illustrates something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. There are just too many instant messaging protocols / services.

I’ve got contacts in different settings who all use different instant messaging apps. In most cases, I try to stick with SMS and e-mail.

The problem is with services like Facebook, which gives the impression that everybody are “online”. I don’t have the Messenger app on my phone, and it may take a while before I’m around FB to reply. Some contacts assume I’m always on their “hip” IM of choice, and confusion ensue.

One thought on “This feels so familiar

  1. … if only we had open protocols that could make different apps talk to each other! 🙂

    I have also decided not having the Facebook and Messenger app on my phone. I use email for general communication and Telegram to keeping in touch with family. I have also recently installed Riot, a new chat client built on top of Matrix, an open source and federated protocol with great potential to replace many of the walled gardens. They have already built bridges to other protocols, like XMPP and IRC, which is quite convenient.

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