Iced lemon tea

Iced tea

If you are like me, and appreciate cold & sweet substances during the summer heat, I recommend making your own iced tea.

The way I like my ice-tea is without too much bitterness, but with some character (f. ex. added taste of lemon or herbs). That way it is not just cold green tea that somebody put in the fridge.

The recipe that I used, looks like this:
Experiment with it until you get the taste you are most satisfied with.

1L of water
200g of sugar
4-5 bags of your favorite tea.
juice from approximately 3 lemons

1. Get your water to boiling temp.
2. Add sugar and dissolve in water
3. Add teabag(s)
4. After some minutes, remove teabag(s) and add lemon juice.
5. Chill & add water to taste.


I got inspiration from this site.

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